Acupuncture for Social Anxiety

acupuncture for social anxiety

acupuncture for social anxiety

We are all somehow familiar with conventional social anxiety treatment which is done with cognitive behavioral therapy, but our human nature is very curious and sometimes we just want to know what else is available. Is there a secret social anxiety disorder treatment that we don’t know about, but works equally effective as the better known treatments?

Since I want to give you the best information on how to treat social anxiety, I have done a little research to gather interesting information on alternative social phobia treatments and one of them is acupuncture.

Within this article you will learn how effective acupuncture really is as a social anxiety treatment.

Western and Eastern View on Social Anxiety

In the western world, social anxiety is a psychological and physiological state of exaggerated anxiety and worry about social events without obvious reasons for worry. Socially anxious people tend to have unrealistic worries about social situations which make their daily life a constant struggle.

The western medicine believes that our minds and our automatic negative thoughts are responsible for anxiety to appear in the first place.

In traditional Chinese medicine, anxiety is not seen as a brain dysfunction, but more as an inner organs dysfunction. The health of our organs is intimately connected with our emotions; therefore it is believed that our internal organs are responsible for our social anxiety. When there is a disturbance in one or more internal organs, an imbalanced emotional state can happen.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that our health is dependent on Qi, which is the energy that runs through our bodies. When Qi moves in a smooth and balanced way through a chain of 14 meridians (main channels of your body), we are healthy and we feel good. When the flow is not smooth and imbalanced, we get ill and experience all sorts of unwanted emotions.

Acupuncture for Social Anxiety

Acupuncture for social anxiety is supposed to get Qi back in balance. By inserting needles into the points which belong to different meridians, we stimulate body’s energy to start the heeling process and help restore the natural balance of the body.

The needles create a deep state of relaxation during the treatment which allows you to truly rest and heal both, mind and body.

Unfortunately, the imbalance in body energy is also caused by our lifestyles. Living in a world where you have to compete every single day makes it hard to be relaxed at all times. Therefore I believe that acupuncture for social anxiety can only breed short term results as we get back to our stressful lives.

In order to get lasting results you have to make some lifestyle changes. Beside that you also have to change how you see the world. You have to change your beliefs that responsible for your social anxiety and how you see the world.

There’s no doubt that medications and acupuncture just can’t do that. You have to undergo a social anxiety treatment that involves changing your belief system. A very effective treatment that incorporates this mentality is the cognitive behavioral therapy.

If you want to better understand how to overcome social anxiety, make sure to watch this video.

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